It was in early October, yet I had long suspected this to be true.  I had my own failings, so I kept quiet.  Even when he was obviously lying.  Even when she had more pictures on his Facebook profile than I did.  I had gone out with her many times, and I could sense even then, she was flirting with my husband.

My husband initially denied it.  They were bestfriends.

I am a bestfriend to several married men.  And while their wives are NOT my bestfriends, I am in good terms with them.  And she limits me as a friend on FB.  Very telling, indeed.

My husband finally admitted the truth, and that truth hurt.

He had brought my son to gatherings with BBaja and her son present which to me was the epitome of shamelessness and immorality.  Who care if the children saw no display of affection.  These children will grow up to be men in time.  And they are bright children who will figure things out.  And they will not ask questions but form their own opinions.

CHILDREN ARE OFF LIMITS… not to BBaja, I suppose.

Here you’ll find their story and my story.


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